Thursday, November 24, 2011

Wrong Data presentation by PRC caused downsite for NLE result 2011 last July

That is just right, the wrong data presentation could have probably caused the PRC web site went down this year on their way to the very first actually release from the official checklist of board passers for that July 2011 nle result. The cause is simply since the IT administrators produced a mistake of featuring a outcome which was also big a file for pdf and ultimately for that web site to take care of. The resulting impact is the fact that, the web site grew to become unavailable could for over a day to all nurses who took the nursing licensure exam previous July 2011.

I just hope this coming December 2011 nle result release or early subsequent 12 months when the Professional Regulation Commission releases their new set of board passers, there will probably be no issue whatsoever with their uploaded official outcome of board passers. NLE can be a yearly event two times a 12 months so there must be no area to create a error for your IT handlers with the website.

I hope they won’t make the same error since it really is a waste of authorities funds and eventually, people’s money carrying out that. By common feeling, huge file will ultimately take too lengthy to load include up the bulk of guests by the a huge selection of thousands who'll arrive above to go to the web site to see if they handed the examination. Anyway, the remedy is simple, make the file tiny for loading time for you to not eat up the bandwidth with the site and eventually, not turn the web site down even in occasions of an upsurge of big large visitors coming from visitors looking to see whenever they pass a board exam.

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