Saturday, November 5, 2011

TodaMax comedy sitcom premier episode last night is a blast of laughter

Toda Max Comedy Sitcom (Pokwang Robin Vhong)

I was able to watch the premier episode of the new tv comedy sitcom of ABS-CBN titled TodaMax supposedly highlighting the comic stories happening in a community where you can find a TODA or in short, Tricycle Operators and Drivers Association.

Last night's episode was really a big bang for me and my wife who really enjoyed the sitcom to the max. We laughed our hearts out seeing Pokwang do her usual act but in a different atmosphere and to think, Robin Padilla and Vhong Navarro is also a unique first ever appearance in the said sitcom.

The presence of Angel Locsin added up some spice to the story so I hope she is not going to be just a bypasser to the new ABS-CBN comedy sitcom.

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