Thursday, November 24, 2011

Wrong Data presentation by PRC caused downsite for NLE result 2011 last July

That is just right, the wrong data presentation could have probably caused the PRC web site went down this year on their way to the very first actually release from the official checklist of board passers for that July 2011 nle result. The cause is simply since the IT administrators produced a mistake of featuring a outcome which was also big a file for pdf and ultimately for that web site to take care of. The resulting impact is the fact that, the web site grew to become unavailable could for over a day to all nurses who took the nursing licensure exam previous July 2011.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

TodaMax comedy sitcom premier episode last night is a blast of laughter

Toda Max Comedy Sitcom (Pokwang Robin Vhong)

I was able to watch the premier episode of the new tv comedy sitcom of ABS-CBN titled TodaMax supposedly highlighting the comic stories happening in a community where you can find a TODA or in short, Tricycle Operators and Drivers Association.

Last night's episode was really a big bang for me and my wife who really enjoyed the sitcom to the max. We laughed our hearts out seeing Pokwang do her usual act but in a different atmosphere and to think, Robin Padilla and Vhong Navarro is also a unique first ever appearance in the said sitcom.

The presence of Angel Locsin added up some spice to the story so I hope she is not going to be just a bypasser to the new ABS-CBN comedy sitcom.

Friday, November 4, 2011

You Are The One by Carpenters

I've known for more than 3 decades now, Carpenters and their lead vocalist, Karen Carpenter and today, it's You Are The One song that opted me to write this short note. I just can't help but remember the voice behind and the face of Ms. Karen. It's All Souls Day anyway and it's good to remember the dead, especially an idol in the music industry.

Well, what can I say but - "You Are The One". Watch a YouTube video of the song below.