Sunday, December 2, 2012

December Resort hopping in Cavite

We were supposed to be on our event for team building a couple of weeks ago to Bataan but the team decided to play it cool somewhere near Metro Manila. Where else can we all go if we want somewhere near yet cheaper options for our resort hopping trying to look for the perfect venue?

Well, in a 9 to 1 vote, we all agreed it should and would be Cavite. With this in mind for most of us except one, we all decided to go online trying to look for a list of resorts in Cavite. We all agreed. In that link is where we found probably the longest list of choices for our team building venue. I could immediately choose. There is also a review of some of the popular resorts there but let me remind you though that some link were already broken. Probably because that link contains one of the longest running information and resort you can find in the Cavite coastal beaches.

Nope, not just some beach resorts, that list also had some public and private swimming pools open for your search. So if you are like us here in our company looking to find the best team building venue for your colleagues, why not try somewhere near, why not try Cavite for size?


You can also find a quite manageable list of resort from the Cavite government official website.

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