Monday, June 4, 2012

Facebook Ads and how to launch an advertisement using Facebook Pages

If you are to launch an ad, why use Facebook Pages as your landing page. Let us first see through if it is just right to opt in for a pay per click campaign using your Facebook Pages rather than just use your website or blog as the official landing page of your advertisement.

First off, although I really intend to capitalize on launching an ad on Facebook, I would like to give you an insight that whether you want to do it or just use Google Adwords, it all will fall 2x hitting the bird than just going for the website or blog landing page. Why?

If you are familiar with launching an advertisement, a landing page is where you will redirect visitors coming from your ad copy (advert). If you have your blog or website as the landing page, yes, true, you will get a straight visit to whatever page you want your visitors to land in to.

But did you know that if you instead use your business Facebook Page that you will get probably 2 - 10 times more benefit from it rather than opting in for the first choice?

It's because if you use your FB page, chances are you are not just placing your visitors and potential clients and conversion to your ROI but you are actually directing them for a lifetime relationship with respect to driving traffic to not just one page but as many pages as you like and want in the future.

Note that even if they don't actually convert directly, chances are, if they like your FB page, you will and can benefit from them in the future. One, if they like your posts, chances are, you are growing your business visits and conversion even the more each time you update your status.

Another fact is that apart from driving indirect visits to your actual business page, you are also growing your number of followers who might not get to become a conversion for your business today but might just be one for tomorrow and their friends will do too in the long run so you are not running for a temporary traffic but a lifetime source of such for a long long time.

Guide To Launching Facebook Ad

First, you have to know and be conscious at what I am going to describe here. To be able to launch an advertisement, it takes a few simple steps and all you have to do is to follow the prompts. Log in to your Facebook account.

Afterwards, notice that if you've ever been an owner of a business page which is most likely the first step before you launch a Facebook Ad and point the traffic to that page, you will see in the lower right sidebar when you visit your Facebook page using the dropdown menu in the top right corner of the FB interface.

Go to your FB business page and when you are already there, you will have to seek for your page with the label, "Put Your Ad Here" or a green icon that says "Advertise Page". Click it and you will be redirected to the Facebook Ad making page and all you have to do when you are already there is to follow the step by step guide that will prompt you to fill in details about your ad.

In filling up the boxes, keep in mind that your ad copy should be enticing, you can search online for other information on how to make a good and effective ad copy.

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    Go to your FB business page and when you are already there, you will have to seek for your page with the label, "Put Your Ad Here" or a green icon that says "Advertise Page".
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