Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Filipino Artist and Painter - Lorena Pacampara

A good friend from college days, I met this Filipino Artist again today. We've been brainstorming for so many months now regarding a costume rental and making business wherein we've won a contest back in 2011 at Star City's Halloween Spooktoberfest 2011. Got 2 awards out of 2 entries which is astounding for an artist and a business enthusiast and investor in me.

Well, flowing ahead of time, we talked today. I wanted to give a little helping hand for this friend's talent and artistic value to be put to use and possibly earn a bit of living for both of us so I started asking questions. At the end of a short conversation, found out a long ago discussion regarding funding an art exhibit with her works as well as if possible, for others.

Now, we are on our way to putting up an exhibit with some popular works of art she made and we will be out in the market to get a glimpse of what the commercial world could offer for the sake of art and for the sake of helping others while earning a bit of the pie from the loot of painting and other artistic skills. Now, we've just launched Lori Pacampara.Com to get hold and collect her numerous and still undiscovered talents and tap them all to be put to work for life and to spread the good word of learning how to share and help others get the picture of how art works inside the mind of an artist.

Will be posting another share of the topic update as soon as we have stuff to populate the site. Be sure to stay tuned in to Popoy's Land for more updates to this. chiao.

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